phpyJvMx3PM.jpgThe guy behind the Take a Seat project has spoken out against his criticizers (ahem). Listen up, haters: just because the chairs are found as curbside trash, doesn't mean they are no longer functional, and it certainly doesn't mean they're infested with bedbugs. However, the point about taking up space on already overcrowded platforms was a good one, he admits, although he notes that the stations are chosen with that in mind (here's a map of where there are currently chairs). As for crowd reactions, he says, "I've never stuck around to watch riders' reactions, I imagine the chairs are often greeted with skepticism - 'Who's chair is this? Why is it here? Is there something wrong with it?' - and only utilized by people who just really need to take a load off." C'mon, fess up, who's had a seat in one of the trash chairs?