Thank you Julie Klausner, Ted Leo, and WFMU for unlocking the door to this amazing dog disco that existed somewhere on television in 1979—a year that was so clearly superior to all others. There is so much joy in this 31 seconds of vintage video (the dog couple doing a spotlight dance, the close-up zoom on wagging tails!). The only description given says: "Hot moves at Kibble's Korner in NYC, circa 1979," and The Google Machine isn't really giving us much in terms of finding out more—but who really cares where it came from, the important thing is that our eyes can see it, over and over and over again, and without the use of LSD:

Do you think this is what goes on at that late night canine dance club that opened earlier this year? If so, cancel all of our plans for the weekend... and we're going to need to borrow someone's dog.