Destined to be dubbed the Bonnie and Clyde of the graffiti world, Danielle Bremner (tags: Utah, Dani, Erin) and her boyfriend Jim Clay Harper (tag: Ether) were both arrested for causing $100,000 in damages to city transit facilities, Newsday reports.

The Queens couple had reportedly fled to Europe for three months, "where they dined, partied - and tagged their way through 10 or so countries." So their legal problems aren't just in the city, allegedly France seeks to prosecute them. (Back in 2006 there were conflicting views on whether or not most of the city's taggers are domestic or European.) The 26-year-old Bremner was arrested after deboarding a flight from Europe in Chicago, while 23-year-old Harper was arrested at JFK--both on Tuesday night.

When Bremner is extradited back to New York she faces criminal mischief and burglary charges in a Manhattan indictment accusing them of tagging train yards in Inwood and Harlem. Harper was arraigned Wednesday, plead not guilty and was released. He and his lawyer could not be reached for comment.

Sources said both suspects face further charges for a number of other acts of graffiti in all the boroughs, except Staten Island - including tagging 8 subway cars in Manhattan and about 20 acts of vandalism in the Bronx.

Bremner has been arrested before, both in Toronto and in Boston (where she is "wanted"). One source told the paper of Harper: "He's a big player. He just hasn't been caught. Now he has, and his status in the graffiti world will definitely go up."