2005_12_returnofemily.jpgThe story of tabby cat Emily, who ended up far from her Wisconsin home when the cargo container she wandered into wound up in France, has captured the country, because it involves gracious airline service, something good with the French, and a fuzzy feline. When employees of Raflatac in Nancy, France found Emily dehydrated and probably extremely freaked out in a crate of paper bales, they used Emily's tags to call her veterinarian. Hooray for tags! The vet contacted the McElhiney family, who noted that Emily seemed much fatter and was jealous she got to travel business class. Continental Airlines, which gave up a $6,000 seat plus two escorts, for the cat now has some sweet publicity action. If anything, stories like this serve as a good reminder to tag and microchip your pet. Because at the end of the day, you are your pet.

The Humane Society on tagging your pets.