There's nothing like a NY Post vs. NY Daily News pissing match! Yesterday, the Audit Bureau of Circulations announced the latest circulation figures, the Post now has a daily circulation of 704,011 copies (a 5% increase over last year) while the News is at 693,382 (1% increase).

This makes the NY Post the fifth largest paper in the country - even ahead of the Washington Post. And the Post wasted no time in proclaiming this - using the News Corp.-owned Jumbotron in Times Square yesterday and today's Post cover to hype the news. In the Post's article about their exciting news, "The new circulation figures, reported in a publisher's statement and subject to audit, prove what savvy New Yorkers have known for years - the Daily News is yesterday's news." There's even a top 10 list why the Post is better!

On the other hand, the Daily News tries to save face by noting that it's combined weekday-and-weekend circ is still tops in the New York metro area. And the News' Sunday circulation is 780,196 over the Post's 427,264. From the News article: "The error-prone Post, which loses tens of millions of dollars annually, sells for a discounted 25 cents." And News editor-in-chief Martin Dunn said, "If you'd lost $300 million over the past five years, spent $200 million on new presses, carpet-bombed neighborhoods with free copies and lost fortunes to sell a few thousand papers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, you'd be desperate to celebrate creeping a few copies ahead of us." Well, desperate is as desperate does.

Which do you prefer - the Daily News or Post?