We are just days away from Charlie Sheen taking the stage at Radio City Music Hall... are you as excited as we are? Reports from the frontlines of recent shows seem to be more favorable than his disastrous debut show in Detroit, and TMZ has a play-by-play of last night's show in Cleveland, which they note ended with a standing ovation.

Sheen celebrated the success (or the failure of Americans, whatever) with a big private party, renting out an entire Cleveland multiplex for a screening of Apocalypse Now. He reportedly brought his crew, about 20 of his closest friends, and his goddesses.

Movies are alright for Cleveland, but how do you think Sheen will blow it out after his New York City shows? Last time he was in town he celebrated by drinking all of the wine, doing all of the coke, and scaring a hooker so badly that she locked herself in the closet at the Plaza hotel. In other words: guy set the bar pretty high.