phpgu9p5kAM.jpgSwoon's Swimming Cities of Switchback Sea officially set sail last Friday, and the fleet is slowly making their way to the final destination of LIC--where the artist will have an exhibit set up at Deitch. The NY Times checked in on Swoon and the collective joining her on the floating art adventure, consisting of "artists, carpenters, musicians, filmmakers, seafarers and hangers-on." She told the paper that the boats were built with the environment in mind, constructed with salvaged material ("plywood from construction sites, old two-by-fours and packing plastic foam") and are even powered by "recycled motors, one from a 1968 Mercedes, another from a Volkswagen Rabbit. One uses a gasifier, which burns organic waste materials." The seven vessels hold 9-13 people each, and will float back into town on September 7th. Take a look at their voyage thus far in this slideshow (more at Flickr, and in video!).