One Queens FDNY lieutenant is doing something more than posing for calendars and, you know, saving lives; 38-year-old Terry Brody just wrote a romance novel (get a taste of it here)! The Daily News reports singer Shakira was his muse, as he got the idea for the plot when her video popped up on the firehouse television in 2003. Yesterday he was handing out copies in Times Square, and told the paper, "It's a romantic comedy about an NYC firefighter and a pop star and they meet after he saves her life in a fire," and is titled Rescuing Madison. Before you get your hopes up, ladies, this one is married with a kid—but that doesn't mean you can't make up your own romance novel about an FDNY lieutenant/author sweeping you off your feet! Meanwhile, back at the firehouse, Brody says of his fellow firemen, "They break my chops left and right. It's a book for teenage girls for the most part. They say, 'It really brought out the teenage girl inside of me."