After health officials have confirmed over 158 cases of swine flu, organizers of the Staten Island County Fair this weekend have decided to nix pig races. Instead, attendees will get to see Ultimate Air Dogs!

Apparently there's a new strain of pig flu that is spreading from pigs to humans, and, the AP reports, "Most of the cases are linked to the fairs, where visitors are in close contact with infected pigs." Three pigs at an Ohio fair tested positive for H3N2, the new strain. While a CDC official said, "This is not a pandemic situation," people should be cautious.

Historic Richmond Town executive director Ed Wiseman told the Staten Island Advance, "Our responsibility is to the community," and was enthusiastic about the dogs, "It's like the doggy Olympics. These are amateurs. They will dash down a raised dock, leap into the air, and they are judged on a variety of different ways: They can catch things, on distance, height."

Ultimate Air Dogs owner Milt Wilcox added, "We make it a family experience. We're not really competitive; you make new friends and new acquaintances... If your dog likes to swim, bring them out and get them involved. We'll have experienced people to get them to be a part of the Ultimate Air Dog experience." This seems pretty adorable: