A few of the vessels in the Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea installation have dropped anchor at Riverside Park South's Pier I, much to the amusement and confusion of some parkgoers.

One reader e-mailed us, saying a pirate ship had arrived. When we went to the pier, one of the ship's captains was explaining what kind of engines some of the boats had (Chevrolet, Volkswagen Rabbit, Mercedes--more details here--another was a paddleboat) and that they were ghost ships that had been around for a hundred years. Naturally, a woman said, "We've been on the Hudson for years, how come we haven't seen you? Where've you been?" The captain had an easy reply, "There's a trap door underneath the water that we go into."

The entire flotilla of seven vessels will be in Long Island City, Queens, at the Deitch Galleries, this Sunday. Read our interview with Swoon, who designed and organized the project.