2005-07_drycleaning.jpgAs we trudge through another broiling day (rain, we're sorry we ever told you to go away...now, Gothamist can't wait till you take the humidity away), Gothamist was reminded by that this is high time for dry cleaners as our ruined clothes are a cash cow. One dry cleaning business owner told Newsday, "A person wearing a business shirt can get away wearing a shirt two or three times in the winter ... but now you can't because it sweaty and sticky outside." And how - Gothamist has resigned to wearing shmatas because we can't bear to ruin another shirt (yes, that's us, looking awful and with the expression, "Do we smell?" even though we put deodorant on, because the buckets of sweat may have conquered even the strongest deodorant). Con Ed broke another NYC power usage record, with 12,551 megawatts served. Apparently voltage was reduced in parts of Brooklyn, including Williamsburg, Greenpoint, Bedford-Stuyvesant, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill, which meant those areas had to shut down "nonessential" appliances, and some power lines had to be fixed in the Bronx. Newsday also reports that there have been 11 days above 90 so far this summer - and it's not even August yet.

Are you wearing more negligible clothing in this weather? Or are you still dressed to kill? And do you have any recommendations for excellent deodorant that doesn't ruin your clothes?