This Friday at CHC Gallery (511 West 20th Street), part-time New Yorker and full-time photographer Susan Mikula will unveil her solo exhibition titled "sic transit," which exploits "the idiosyncrasies of a Polaroid camera." The photographer comments on her work saying, “I'm obsessed with the passing of time and the way light changes. When I've done what I set out to accomplish in a photograph, I have preserved the skipping and floating and grinding of time.”

Rachel Maddow, of MSNBC and Air America, also chimes in and invites you all out to the opening this week via her Twitter (Mikula is her longtime girlfriend). She notes: “Susan's abstract visions are familiar enough to make you worry she might have gotten into your head and stolen your memories -- she can make you feel reminded of things you've never done.”

All of Mikula's prints at the show originate from her vintage Polaroid shots; learn more here.