Dearest Evelyn, why don't you answer my online-dating messages? Does my profile offend you? My description of a perfect date not to your liking? Or, cruelly, is it just because you're from Brooklyn?

We've all been there, man. And the truth is, she's probably just not that into you because she lives in Brooklyn. So breathe deep and hold your chin up high, because it's not you. As in all things, you can blame Brooklyn.

A new survey released by, a Facebook dating app, shows that women in Brooklyn are the choosiest when it comes to responding to messages from men. The study also found that, strangely enough, women respond more often to messages that say "Where are you from originally," than "Hey," or "What's up?" or other monosyllabic pick-ups like, "grrr" or "hawttttt." wasn't able to provide an explanation as to why Brooklyn women were more picky than other women in the country. Perhaps they have formed some secret Lysistrata-like agreement until the young men of Brooklyn stop talking about their bands.

The social element of the study showed that having friends does actually help when it comes to making a love connection, as women were 71% more likely to respond if they had at least one Facebook friend in common.

Also, the survey found that women were into answering messages from younger men. Borough of Kings and Cougars.