In a totally unpredictable display of devil-may-care defiance, surfers have taken to the ocean at Rockaway Beach this morning despite the Mayor's request that they remain out of the water for their own safety and the safety of rescue personnel while Hurricane Sandy batters New York. When will Bloomberg understand that these guys aren't just some hodads catching ankle breakers but legit dudes trying to jazz some serious glass?

NBC New York's Katie Honan tweeted that there were at least 10 surfers braving the elements this morning, but that was before Mayor Bloomberg just announced a mandatory evacuation of all residents living in Zone A (see the map), including Far Rockaway. And the beaches are closing, which means only people with personal helicopters who can avoid the sand altogether are totally fine to go ahead and drop in to shred the gnar.

Matt Chaban at The Observer caught Bloomberg's latest admonition to New York's surfers:

“One of the things we’re worried about is young kids going out and surfing. You just can’t do that. If you do that, your putting the life of the people who are going to have to save your life or try to save your life, their lives are at risk, as well.”

This makes sense: it's not worth making people with lives and families dive into the frigid water with 6 to 11-foot storm surges and drag you out by your Pac Sun board shorts. Then again, how else will anyone—including city employees—get to work tomorrow with no public transit?