Everyone knows renting a U-Haul van or hiring a moving company is a scam—the resourceful New Yorker isn't afraid to bite the bullet use the subway to transport a giant smoker grill, wheelchair sculpture, patio furniture, and Christmas tree. The latest installment in our ongoing tribute to Moving All Your Crap Via Subway comes to us from the good ol' reliable Bedford Avenue L stop, where two industrious individuals were spotted lugging a Queen size mattress last night.

The tipster who sent us these photos says he "saw these two on the L moving this queen sized bed last night. It was a short ride from 1st Ave to Bedford on a semi packed train at 9 p.m. A lot of straphangers were talking about how angry they would be if they would catch bed bugs. Once on the Bedford platform a few people even started screaming about it. It doesn't beat the BBQ Grill on July 4 but it's still unbelievable what people will do."

Unbelievable, indeed. Necessity is the mother of invention, as the saying goes. And if you think using the subway to move a mattress is tough, try doing it on a Citi Bike!