In the endlessly blog-able annals of subway wildlife, there is nothing quite so unsettling as the train snake. This is all the more true when the snake in question is a ball python the size of a pickup truck wrapping itself around a handrail on the L train. And it is ESPECIALLY true when said snake appears to be the very same legless L train lizard that we blogged about just two months ago. It's the Recurring Extra trope, remixed with a tired Samuel L. Jackson reference and my worst nightmare.

Just a typical night on the L...

from nyc

The above was captured by Reddit user MayoMouth, who noted that the snake was being passed around the train by two apparent owners. According to the bystander, the men were soliciting donations in exchange for holding the animal, and "said something about having a lot of snakes to feed back at the sanctuary/adoption place." Other commenters also claimed to have seen these guys and their pet at the Bedford Station.

So, while I'm no herpetologist, it seems plausible that this is the very same serpent—or at least a roommate of—June's Viral L Train Snake. Right???

Nope. #subwaycreatures (@juvnguerrero)

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In any case, if this snake is going to be riding the L train on a regular basis, it should at least learn the basic subway etiquette on pole hogging.