Should have taken the Cannonball Express.

Don't forget, starting tomorrow you can start your Summer Fridays in style! Somewhere between the Jitney and a personal jet (but definitely closer to the Jitney) comes the Cannonball Express—which is the actual name of the LIRR express train to the Hamptons and Montauk. The train will return tomorrow with its Extra Pampering Services.

The Cannonball Express will get you from Penn Station to Hamptons in just 95 minutes, which is about half the time it takes on the Jitney or the regular LIRR train. But the Cannonball Express doesn't just offer a quick ride, it offers two cars dedicated to their Hamptons Reserve Service. This will get you a reserved seat—which really is something you want during peak season—"and a wait staff to pamper you" and gently stroke your hair while whispering affirmations and refilling your Chardonnay before you find your glass empty. You're pretty.

Here's the fine print, which we will read to you for an extra fee.

Cannonball (East) Hamptons Reserve Ticket: $47
Through Labor Day, the Cannonball (East) departs every Friday (except on Thursday, July 3 rather than Friday, July 4) afternoon at 4:06 from Penn Station and travels non-stop to Westhampton arriving 5:41 p.m., followed by stops at Southampton (6:03 p.m.), Bridgehampton (6:13 p.m.), East Hampton (6:25 p.m.) and Montauk (6:48 p.m.) Hamptons Reserve seating on the Friday Cannonball is priced at $47 when purchased in advance or $54 on-board the train with limited availability. Regular Cannonball East tickets are priced at $27 in advance and $33 on-board.

Cannonball (West) Hamptons Reserve Ticket: $39.75
The Cannonball (West) - a Sunday evening express train - will also make its seasonal debut this weekend and there are plenty of seats available in both Hampton Reserve and regular coach cars. The Cannonball (West) brings weekenders back from Montauk and other East End locales to Penn Station. This train departs Montauk at 6:37 p.m. with stops at East Hampton (7:01 p.m.), Bridgehampton (7:10 p.m.), Southampton 7:20 (p.m.), Hampton Bays (7:31 p.m.) and Westhampton (7:39 p.m.), before running non-stop run to and Jamaica Station and on to Penn. Hamptons Reserve Service West - $39.75 with an advance reservation or $47 on-board the train with very limited availability. Regular Cannonball West tickets are priced at $19.75 in advance or $26 on-board.