Since the New Yorker introduced their weekly back-page caption contest, Radosh has been running his own subversive anti-caption challenge, asking people to come up with the WORST caption for that week's cartoon. For instance, some of this week's entries for the drawing shown above:

Dammit, Boris, if you're going to pick up strange women, at least have the decency not to bring them into our home.

Are you even listening to a word I'm saying?

"No, that's not how the whore in Thailand did it. Not at all."

Martha. I've got something to tell you. I'm gay. There I've said it. You don't know how good that makes me feel.

Great, you can buy a $500 reptile, but we can't afford to replace this cheap-ass IKEA furniture? I want a divorce.

Not surprisingly, some of the entries for worst caption actually turn out to a be a lot funnier than the official selections. [Related: Laurel Tobey, the chief of MediaBistro, been widely linked to the cartoon above, because of her penchant for wearing boas. You go girl!]