If there's going to be a big deal about Super Bowl ads and watching them and having Americans polled about which ads they like, Gothamist would at least like to see some good ads. Let put it this way: If these ads were first dates, Gothamist would never call them again.

This year's ads were lame, considering that we have no idea what 90% of the ads were for. Sure, there was beer, but what beer? And Ameriquest - thanks for sponsoring the halftime show and everything, but we have no idea what you do. People who work in the ad business or write about the ad business like the FedEx ad that mocked the conventions of ads: There's nothing like Burt Reynolds in a tight leather jacket, a dancing and talking (yet not masturbating) bear, and subtitles that says "FedEx is better than everyone else." Oh, wait, that message got lost; we were just obsessed with Burt's rug. Gothamist is also confused about Tom Cruise in The War of the Worlds; if there are aliens, are you sure it's not a Scientology movie? Finally, let's talk the Degree Mama's Boy ad; how disturbing was it when the Mama doll was pushing the Mama Boy in the shopping cart?

What did you think of last night's ads? USA Today had its admeter of the most popular ads. See the Superbowl ads on iFilm and the Patriots won the Super Bowl. Again.