Monkey See, Monkey Do Even before working in advertising, I always looked forward to the commercials during the Super Bowl. Check out the commercials on Ad Age or AOL - Ad Age is better organized, but AOL seems to have more, including trailers for T3 and Matrix sequels. My votes for the best commercials? Besides the Matrix trailer, I thought the marijuana pregnancy one was great in its scariness, but Bob Garfield disagrees. We do agree that the HotJobs spot with people singing "The Rainbow Connection" is good, but for me, the all-time best Super Bowl commercial that has to do with careers is's "When I Grow Up". USA Today has results of the real-time focus group on Ad Meter - their 3rd favorite was the Sierra Mist baboon spot which was cute but the story didn't quite line up with the product they were selling. This site,
Super Bowl Commercials, will be cool once they get their act together, because it'll have all the ads and polls, but for now, it sucks.