Some people watch the Super Bowl for the game, some people watch it because they know there will be Buffalo wings at the gathering, and some people watch it for the ads. You can thank Ridley Scott, Chiat/Day and Apple for making Super Bowl Commercial Analysis as big as Monday Morning Quarterbacking. There are many places where you can watch last night's ads - Google Video, USA Today, AdAge, the NY Times - but Gothamist wants to talk about our favorites. We'd have to say the Burger King Whopperettes were awesome during the last 20 seconds, but the build-up was pretty annoying; BK bonus: the website lets you build your own burger. And because we things about stupid humans, Gothamist is a fan of the Bud Light's Magic Frdge spot. We would have hoped the Mastercard spot with MacGyver could have had Selma and Patty in it (the Simpsons did the MasterCard spot last year) and we think the FedEx spot was kind of goofy. The ESPN Mobile spot's usage of Chad and Jeremy's A Summer Song was cute, but it only made us want to see Rushmore again - or listen to the soundtrack. The Diet Pepsi ads were also dumb, but for a maybe fun NYC fact, we think the P.Diddy one was shot at the Power Station (it looked like it anyway...and sorry, Jay Mohr, your big news will be your engagement to Nikki Cox, not these ads). And who knew it was a Nassau Country Girl Scout Chorus that sang "True Colors" for the Dove ad?

Did you have a favorite ad? AdFreak blogged the ads during the pregame, first quarter, second quarter, halftime, third quarter and fourth quarter. AdRants likes the Burger King Whopperettes commercial. Bob Garfield at AdAge didn't like the Bud Light commercials but did like the Sharpie commercial. Stuart Elliott at the NY Times liked the American Home Health ad (crediting the Todd Haynes film Safe). AdWeek's Barbara Lippert really liked the FedEx commercial. And USA Today's AdMeter says that the highest rated ad was the Bud Light Magic Fridge. Plus, most everyone hated GoDaddy's commercial, but maybe GoDaddy wins because they are so talked about.