The ING New York City Marathon is this Sunday, and they've got you covered. In previous years we'd grown accustomed to the usual live broadcast on NBC, but this year there'll be complete media saturation, starting tomorrow.

NYRR Race Week Live will be streamed at NYRR at 11 AM Tuesday through Thursday and at 10 AM on Friday, and will feature "commentary and discussion along with interviews with pro athletes and coaches," according to Runner's Web. Also streaming at 9 PM tomorrow through Friday, the Daily Cool Down will be an "exclusive, behind-the-scenes peek at the weeklong spectacle of the ING New York City Marathon."

On race day, NBC's live broadcast will span all five boroughs from 9 AM - 2 PM, and will be followed by a two-hour highlight show (stretching a little, no?). Online, $4.99 will buy you complete coverage of the main race, as well as the pro-men's and pro-women's feeds.

If that's not enough, there's- wait for it- the all-new iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch app! Available now from the iTunes Store, the app will provide you with all you need to know, including live video feeds, the leaderboard, a "Cross-Path" feature that compares your location to that of a runner of your choice, photos, athlete profiles, and, of course, Twitter feeds.

Of the 45,000 runners expected to participate, one we're likely to be hearing the most about will be Edison Peña, who spent over two months trapped in a Chilean mine with 32 other men until being rescued last month. Peña, who was the twelfth miner out, passed the time underground by running three to six miles per day "while listening to an iPod loaded with Elvis Presley music," according to Universal Sports. He was contacted soon after his rescue by Mary Wittenberg, president and CEO of the New York Road Runners, and his participation will be officially announced by race organizers at a press conference on Friday.