0805zombie.pngNo need to wear your Sunday best (or even comb your hair) today, just roll out of bed and channel your inner-Zombie. Starting at 4 p.m. the NYC Zombie Crawl will take over Williamsburg:

What better way to scare all those McCarren Park sun-bathers (who will still be in tight black jeans) then by dressing up like a zombie in the middle of spring, imbibing some mid-day booze, and tromping through the neighborhood.

The NYC Zombie Crawl is a predecessor to this fall's larger national event. Meet at Duff's [N 3rd and Kent] early to get your face painted, start drinking shots, and then travel over to Passout Records where the MC Chris Show will entertain you.

By 8:30 the drunken zombies will be headed to Supreme Trading; study up on Zombie Walk history if you plan on going. More details here. And here's what happens when a Zombie Crawl encounters Fleet Week.