2005_sundance_logo.jpgSundance is definitely in full swing - you can tell by all the blurry-eyed revelers wandering up and down Main Street. We're trying to make all the rounds, but it's difficult because we actually have paying work to do at the festival.

Today, we thought we'd serve up our report in terms of bests and worsts:

palm.jpgBest party - Palm Pictures
Like defamer, we hit the Palm Pictures party last night. We had a bunch of parties on our score card (Newmarket w/Alice Cooper, IFC, Fader Magazine/On the Outs) and didn't have high hopes for Palm since it was at the Riverhorse, but once we got in we didn't want to leave. The party was to celebrate their festival entry Cronicas starring John Leguizamo. It wasn't the most star studded affair, we only saw John and Rachel Dratch in the crowd, but the steel band was great and for some reason the bartender gave us a super-sized drink which is rare in these parts.

cafeHQ2.jpgBest place to be part of the festival but feel out of the fray - the cafe at HQ
Only the serious festival goers venture up to this spot. It's spitting distance to panelist and press check-in and you can actually overhear real conversations.

Best film we saw today - The Squid and the Whale
This one was easy since this was the only film we saw today, but it will most certainly make our list of top films at the festival. From director Noah Baumbach, the film takes place in 1980's Brooklyn and is about a family in the midst of a separation/divorce. It feels a bit Wes Anderson (we're not complaining), which makes sense since he produced the film and they worked together on Life Aquatic. Can't wait to see who swallows up this fish.

Nicest celebrity - John Cameron Mitchell
We just love the star of Hedwig and the Angry Inch. We missed the panel he was on yesterday, The Sex Stays in the Picture, but caught him out at a party.

pocket.jpgQuickest way to get plowed - Pocket Shots
We found these baggies at a couple of parties - little plastic packages filled with booze. The packaging says "Be Tempted" and they come in the vodka and rum variety. How frightening.

Buzz kill - drink pours
The bartenders in Park City use a contraption that measures out the exact amount of alcohol that should be in each drink. Nothing generous here.

Swag we're sick of - Hats
We guess we shouldn't look a gift horse in the mouth, but what happened to the days when goodie bags were filled with a membership to crunch, expensive cosmetics and leather bags from Roots?

Worst thing about the festival - Shuttle service
We don't know what happened this year, but what was a 10 minute ride, now takes 45 minutes. Do we really need two stops at the Eccles and did you hire a bunch of bladder-challenged drivers?

More tomorrow...