St. John the Divine

, up at Amsterdam Avenue and 112th Street, has its Summer Solstice celebration tonight and tomorrow. The audience will "sit in concentric circles surrounding a revolving stage, beneath the domed center of the Cathedral." So cool. The Paul Winter Consort will be performing, with special guests Brazilian singer-songwriter Renato Braz, hand percussionist Glen Velez and Brazilian percussionist Cafe. There are performances tonight, Sunset 7:30-9:30PM, tomorrow, Sunrise 4:30-6:30AM, and tomorrow night, Sunset 7:30-9:30PM. If you don't make it to St. John the Divine for the concerts, Gothamist strongly recommends that you visit the world's largest cathedral (St. Peter's Basilica is larger, but it's a basilica). Started in 1892, the Cathedral is still being worked on, using bother native American and immigrant artisans. It's a truly beautiful and breathtaking space - just see from the virtual tour.

The Summer Solstice, according to infoplease, is the longest day and shortest night of the year; it occurs on Sunday, June 20. There are some free Summer Solstice Events in Times Square on Sunday - Gothamist will post more about them this weekend, so keep your calendars open. More pictures of St. John the Divine at Bluejake.

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