2 weeks ago the Andy Warhol "Summer Shadows" show opened at the Woodward Gallery. It runs through July 31st.

Gothamist loves Warhol, yet has never seen this type of work from him...so we'll be heading over to the exhibit asap! Needing a quick tutorial ourselves, here is what we learned about the Summer Shadows series.
While starting out his career trying to stray from abstract art, Warhol actually ended his career submerging himself in it. In 1979 he attempted to isolate images cast by shadows by taking photographs of them to pull abstract forms from. Warhol created a series of 22 silkscreens from this process, overlayed with diamond dust, as well as a number of paintings. This is the first time the Shadow Series will be exhibited as a whole.

To the right are I-V in the series.
They don't jump out as you as Warhol originals at first, but if you look closer you'll notice that his style is there. The bold colors and repetitive nature of the installation as a whole is reminiscent of the pop culture images we are used to seeing by Warhol; images he created of Jackie O and Marilyn Monroe.

TITLE:  Shadow Series I-V (installation views)
Andy Warhol, 1979
MATERIALS:  Silkscreen and diamond dust on paper
MARKINGS:  signed and numbered
SIZE:  h: 43 x w: 30.5 in / h: 109.2 x w: 77.5 cm

Take a break from the summer sun and get over to the Woodward Gallery before July 31st to catch the Summer Shadows. The gallery is located @ 476 Broome Street, 5th floor. Hours are Tuesday through Saturday 11am-6pm (and for future ref: August is by appointment only)