Flip flops though? (Getty)

Normcore is reaching full Sad Dad status, as the latest trend to slowly step off the runway is... socks with sandals. While designers and celebrities have been taking the taboo off this particular footwear combo for about a year, now normals are embracing it, says the Media. And that's how the fashion industry works! Below, a carefully curated timeline to back up this trend.

DNA Info, May 13th: "The socks-with-sandals look has undergone a gradual rebranding to its now-cool status."

Telegraph, May 7th: "Last week Bruce Willis stepped out in a pair of sandals with socks. [And] a gander on a few ‘hipster’ style blogs proves that it’s becoming common fashion practice."

Teen Vogue, May 6th: How to Wear Socks and Sandals Without Looking Like a Tourist

LA Times, April 5th: "Wearing sandals with socks is no longer a fashion misstep. This season, it's suddenly a trend embraced by celebrities and fashion industry insiders who are pairing their Birkenstocks, clogs and even open-toed high-heel sandals with ankle-length socks. Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen wore matching black and gold Birkenstock sandals with pristine white socks while walking through an airport."

Daily Mail, July 2013/May 2014: "The sandals and socks look has made a resurgence lately, thanks to celebrities such as David Beckham and Justin Bieber. However, it appears the nation is still unconvinced: wearing socks with your sandals has just been voted the biggest fashion faux pas of all time." But just last week the publication took it back, declaring: "Socks with sandals no longer a style faux pas... apparently."

The NY Times, February 2010: "In the great pantheon of fashion faux pas, the socks-and-sandal combo is perhaps the most egregious. Nevertheless, it showed up on quite a few spring runways, looking decidedly adorable."

Wikipedia, timeless: "Probably the first evidence of wearing socks in sandals is documented at the archaeological site between Dishforth and Leeming in North Yorkshire, England. The discovery suggests that old Romans wore socks with sandals at least 2000 years ago."

But before you raid your uncle Bert's closet for that dope Teva/GoldToe combo he rocked at Niagara Falls last year, there are some rules you Need To Know:

1. Do not wear socks and sandals with your monocle. It's one or the other. Cross-trending is a DON'T.

2. Only socks and only sandals that cost a lot of money will pair well together.

3. You cannot pair your Birkenstocks with socks if you're going to leave on that tie-dye shirt and those cargo shorts. This is the bad kind of socks with sandals, not the Fashion kind of socks with sandals.