It's easy to do a feature about this summer's eagerly anticipated movies (the summer actually began last weekend, with the opening of X2), but Patricia Vidal at Movie City News tackles how the summer movies may be appealing to women:

The HulkNo look at summer movie size can overlook The Hulk. That’s a Playgirl special edition waiting to happen. Hulk goes right into the Dolly Parton class of sexual celebrity. You almost don’t want to see “it” because in the end, it is just another “one.” But in my head I see one of those doctor’s office growth charts with Shaquille O’Neil evolving from Milton Berle and The Hulk as the hyperbolic ultimate.

I always knew that Miss Jennifer Connelly was a size queen. She is one of those New York girls who do a lot of yoga and kegel exercises to prepare for seven hour tantra sessions, dishing with the girls, “If I could get a baby through there…”

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