Partial chart by Andrew Kuo for the NY Times.

Andrew Kuo's charts are charmingly confusing, and his latest in the NY Times find their roots in his first summer festival: Lollapalooza '92 in New Jersey. Since then, he's learned a lot, and he's charted the knowledge for all who need some guidance as this summer's fests inch up on the calendar.

For the ATP Festival happening in the Catskills, he asks (through graphs) who wants to actually see bands like F*ck Buttons and (gasp!) Thurston Moore (well, it is the "pessimist’s guide to the summer festival season"), while Built to Spill and My Blood Valentine fall into the "Magical. Where's my diary?!" color-category. We'd like to see a pie chart incorporating Summer Stage, the Seaport Music Festival, McCarren Park Pool and the Prospect Park Bandshell, as well as this summer's big All Points West festival; price, bathroom lines, beer lines, sight lines, sound, lineup and travel should all be included.

Kuo's chart is worth checking out, if only for mere amusement, and you can soak up the whole thing here. Check out more about the artist on the Charlie Rose website.