Gothamist has been thinking about Jude Law and his recently announced wishes to divorce actress Sadie Frost. See, for some reason, Gothamist has paid attention to various Jude Law interviews and features, and we know that he has a tattoo that says "You came along to turn on everyone sexy Sadie" (yes, the Beatles song). He can either go the Angelina Jolie route and get it partially removed. Or he can go to the Johnny Depp route and revise it a little ("Wino Forever"....hee hee!). If he decides to change it a little, here are some quick ideas:

- Sexy Sadist.
- Sex is a die.
- Sex. Sad? Ie.
- sexy sadly.
- sexily sadly.
- Sex is sandy.

Gothamist wonders how attractive it is to date a someone who has their ex's name tattooed on them, but if it's someone like Jude, Johnny, or Angelina, we understand overlooking it.

Jude Law's tattoos and a fan site devoted to him.