This past Wednesday, the WNBC Live at Five team was joking around with NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. Live at Five co-anchor Perri Peltz talking about flossing and periodontal disease, and, as you can see from the YouTube video above for the first 2+ minutes, it's important but very boring stuff. So co-anchor Sue Simmons "pretends" to fall asleep during the banter...but ends up falling off her chair! Good times!

What makes it even better is that on Thursday, the fall was replayed (YouTube clip below) and they wonder if it should be on Len Berman's Spanning the World.

Here is Sue Simmons's talent biography. She and Chuck Scarborough have been working together for 26 years - last year was their silver anniversary.

And Brian Williams is no stranger to funny himself: His blog, The Daily Nightly, notes that for the President's speech earlier this week, "In part to avoid interrogation or possible cavity searches at the airport, I took Amtrak to and from Washington this time, as I did on my last trip."