It's so embarrassing, but when we saw how adorable little Suri Cruise was as she was toted by her parents Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes in Rome, we were goners. (She does not look particularly Asian, either.) We suddenly believe in media circus weddings abroad with a motley group of celebrities (Leah Remini and Jenna Elfman we get - they're Scientologists - but J. Lo and Jim Carrey?) and unions bound by carefully vetted contracts. Tom Cruise's children with Nicole Kidman are so damn cute, too. We can't help it if we feel like Kelly in The Office. (Speaking of, the Lazy Scranton video is on the NBC website.)

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are officially married now. People magazine even set up a Typepad blog monitoring the activities.

Photograph of the Cruise-Holmes family in Rome by Andrew Medichini/AP