2007_03_mfox.JPG A few weeks ago, Columbia students reeled from the news that Golden Globe-nominated, Saturn Award- and SAG Award-winning actor Matthew Fox was chosen as the class day speaker. Bwog wrote about Fox's second banana performance in We Are Marshal, which starred Matthew McConaughey: "Our Class Day speaker got upstaged by the smelliest-looking man in show business."

Yesterday, the NY Times had an editorial that weighs in on Columbia's controversial decision to have the Lost star speak during Columbia College commencement. From NY Times editorial, "The Lost Generation":

Somewhat predictably, Mr. Fox’s invitation by the senior class officers has caused a stir on campus, where students have questioned everything from his speechifying bona fides to the wattage of his star power. The Columbia student body is famous for its protests, and extended that same demonstrative courtesy to last year’s speaker, Senator John McCain. At least as a Columbia grad, Mr. Fox knows what he is getting into and, we hope, will take whatever happens with a sense of humor.

It would be easier to scold the students for not taking the occasion seriously enough if everyone else were not just as susceptible to the allure of star power. If a member of the Backstreet Boys can address a Senate environmental subcommittee, Mr. Fox can address graduating seniors. Though their parents might be forgiven for trying to sneak away to hear the Nobel laureate.

Yes, Nobel prize winner Shirin Ebadi is speaking at the School of International and Public Affairs (plus former Treasury secretary Robert Rubin is speaking at the B school), but maybe that's Columbia's way to telling the undergrads what they have to look forward to. We leave you with this comment from a reader on our initial Matthew Fox, Class Day speaker, post: "Matthew Fox? If you think that's bad, my commencement speaker was the president of ANOTHER COLLEGE."

In other college news, NYU is getting its first gay fraternity with Delta Lamba Phi, which has had to "colonize" for three semesters.