I've seen plenty of weird subway stuff over my years here at Gothamist—butt bongos, children torturing adults, subway condoms, the shoe licker—but I could at least identify what I was seeing with those vids. This...this is...it's like...you know?

The video, which was first uploaded to Facebook last week, shows...well, that's what I'm wondering. What does it show? Is it performance art? Is it some sort of religious mashup? Is it a rorschach test? Does your answer to this indicate what kind of profession you should be pursuing?

Here are my top guesses:

  • Very low budget The Residents cosplay gone wrong
  • Sushi performance art
  • Those recorder children all grown up
  • A desperate attempt at viral marketing for a new season of True Detective
  • Hypnotized by Zardulu
  • Just some people with too much time on their hands
  • I don't know what you're talking about, I don't see anything when I play the video, it's just a blank screen