After inserting a DVD of an episode in the NY Times magazine a week or so ago, HBO is continuing the full court to press to convince people that period teeth and questionable hygiene in the Wild West are worth watching (and there's some stuff about good and evil). A shuttle train between Times Square and Grand Central will be decorated with "fake wood, tiles and even faux cushions to look like western-saloon train cars," in honor of Deadwood. Message from HBO: The Sopranos will have its final season at some point in the next five years...Six Feet Under is ending...Sex and the City is gone...please watch us! But Gothamist is sure that faux cushions will be welcome on the S train. We took the S between Times Square and Grand Central for almost two years, and it's one of the most miserable subway experiences possible. Since the S only has 3 or 4 cars per track, it's a dogfight trying to board one during rush hour.


New Line Cinema (owned by HBO parent company Time Warner) decorated an S train to celebrate the DVD release of The Lord of the Rings two years ago. And in the current double issue of The New Yorker, there's an interview with Deadwood creator David Milch; since it's the NYer, it's not online. And do you watch Deadwood?