2008_07_moberg2.jpgPatrick Moberg is back in the press, with news of a break-up with his subway sweetheart Camille Hayton. Last November the two connected after a missed connection, and within weeks appeared on Good Morning America, got the Nicole Kidman stamp of approval, and shopped their story around Hollywood. Now Reuters reports via the Sunday Telegraph that the couple only lasted for just two months, placing their break-up sometime in January -- even though it was reported the two hit the end of the line in December. While Moberg has stuck to his "no more press" rule, Hayton (currently taking acting classes and working three jobs) broke her silence and explained: "I think the situation was so intense that it bonded us in a way that you could mistake, I guess, for being more romantic than it was. I don't know. But I wanted to give it a go so I didn't wonder what if, what if?" Maybe their Hollywood rom-com will have a happier ending.