New York Fashion Week makes its fall appearance starting today, but outside of the tents, down underground in our city's subways is where you'll find the real style. Well, the realest style, at least.

We sent photographer Gretchen Robinette out on the G train to check out the scene—from Sriracha shirts and short shorts to pastel hair and tube tops to thigh highs and Garfield tees, everyone's lookin' good.. if a bit unhappy. Robinette noted, "Everyone looks kind of miserable... but this is how most people tend to look when commuting to work on the G train I have noticed."

These photos were all taken over the last two weeks, and while some are from the weekend, most are commuter style, taken on weekday mornings around 9 a.m., and again during the evening commute around 5:30 p.m. They span the G line from the Nassau Avenue station down to Church Avenue.

Next up: we hit the L line, so... get ready to... really, would it kill you to... smile? (Sorry.)