After writing about how the upcoming movie, Raising Helen, seems like a real stinker, not to mention a poor cousin-once-removed from other someone-dies-and-leaves-self-centered-person-with-baby movies like the superior Mostly Martha, Jeffrey Wells of Hollywood Elsewhere posted this thought from Village Voice writer Justine Elias:

NYC subway grafitti on movie posters is always good for gauging public reaction. Along with some added moustaches, beards, eyeglasses, and blackened teeth (every movie poster gets some of that), I've seen one that now reads, 'RAISING HELEN'S BUTT.'

Which makes Gothamist thank the powers that be for subway criticism.

One variation on the self-centered-person-with-child film that actually works is About a Boy, based on the Nick Hornby novel. And there are tons of TV shows about this, like My Two Dads and A Family Affair.