Subway photo by Bruce Davidson

The Times has a wonderful update on a woman in a Bruce Davidson photograph that is now featured prominently in the window of Hermes on Madison Avenue (as they are featuring Davidson's photographs in their gallery) as well as in the reissued book of subway photographs by Davidson. Barbara Meyer was 28 when Davidson took her photograph at the Myrtle Avenue-Wyckoff Avenue stop. She describes discovering Davidson shooting her:

He was about this far away from getting kicked in the teeth - he was getting a little close. He said, 'It's O.K., I can explain.' He explained it wasn't that I was so fabulous looking, it was that my dress was yellow, the other lady on the platform was in red, my shoes were green. It was the color play, the lighting, the whole mélange.

The rest of the article is a nice piece about living in the city for a long time, as well as riding the subways for a long time. Gothamist thinks this is what will happen with Laura Holder's photographs in 20 years. Laura mentioned that most people didn't notice her taking pictures at last month's blogger event at the Apple Store, though once a woman did notice and wanted Laura to know that.

Gothamist checked out the Bruce Davidson show at the Hermes Gallery.