One evening last week, as Gothamist was making its usual evening subway transfer through the Times Square subway station when we came upon a huge group of fellow straphangers watching someone perform. And, unlike some of the performers who plant themselves right by the escalators (where the Roy Lichtenstein mural hangs), these performers were really rocking out - there was a young woman singing with a full band. And they had amps, which is also more unusual and seemed to work well in the station. People who looked like they'd be in a rush (business types) stopped to clap their hands along with hipsters, teenagers and the old. The music seemed to energize everyone.


It turns out it was Susan Cagle, one of the hundred-some performers who audition for the MTA's Music Under New York program and get to perform in subway stations. Cagle released a CD, The Subway Recordings, after being discovered at the Herald Square station by the soon-to-be president of Columbia Recoards. Check out her website and listen - it's very catchy pop/rock.

More about the MTA's Music Under New York program. And another female singer who started out with busking is Mary Lou Lord.