No one is getting fined for hugging the pole on the L train because not every Subway Etiquette Rule is a ticketable offense. But any decent human being with a modicum of courtesy gets it. Gets that you don't throw your trash everywhere. Gets that you don't turn it up to 11 when playing your iPhone game. Gets that you leave your palm tree at home, where you also practice good hygiene. Gets that you don't bring 50 kids armed with recorders on the train for an atonal jam session. But there are people out there—grown human adults, even—that show absolutely no regard for these very simple rules. Meet: This Fucking Guy.

Photo by Maunakona/NYCultureBeat

Are you looking for a shoe shine, sir?

Photo by Maunakona/NYCultureBeat

Tipster Maunakona at NYCultureBeat observed this man—who is in full Foot Rest Pose—on a Manhattan bound 3 train yesterday around noon. She tells us, "First I stared at him, but he didn't give a shit, so I started taking photos with my iPhone (no flash, no sound). Then he looked at me. I was so disturbed, so I sat the other side to take more pictures from a different angle. A young woman from Connecticut next to me asked if he was a famous person—I told her that he was just a rude person, and [I was] going to take some pictures of him and send them to Gothamist." Well done, Hero.

But then look who came along: Woman In Recliner Pose!

Photo by Maunakona/NYCultureBeat

If these two ever meet and fall in love and have kids we are so screwed. Ugh, too late.