When it comes to subway etiquette the worst offense is when people use their devices as speakers (we're looking at you, teenagers). It is worse than a humorously discarded banana peel, it is worse than hogging the seat, it is worse than freeballing, and it is worse than shitting all over the place. Too far? No. Blasting your music on the subway is The Fucking Worst.

Even if everyone on the car is really drunk and neeeeeeds to hear "Blurred Lines" right at that moment, they do not want to hear it from your tinny-sounding speaker. No one thinks you are cool or even rebellious or anything but annoying for spilling sub-par sound into the subway car. A flash mob dance party will not start because you put a song on.

Nothing good is sent out into the universe by you sharing anything that is on your iPod—do you see what you've done? You've ruined the only good thing we have in life: music. Anyway, thanks for letting us vent, obnoxious asshole who will probably never read this!

This PSA was brought on by reader Barry Hott, who sent along this video and asked: "Is it acceptable to play music from a pocket speaker during AM rush hour?"