You can't help it that you got sick—viruses are being passed around this city faster than leaflets for anonymous comedy shows. And just because you're sick doesn't mean you can afford to miss work. But there is one little thing you can do to try to minimize the trail of germs you leave behind in your wake: DON'T BE LIKE THIS DUDE.

"I had to hold myself back. Are people this clueless??? Do NOT do this!!!!" a horrified tipster wrote us about the sickly gentleman above, whose illness seems to have infected the part of his brain that abides by the social contract. I'm really sorry you're not feeling well, but if you have to go out and use public transportation, at least don't put your snot rags on the subway seats. We know they're probably not clean anyway, but this is not helping, and leaves us with a horrifying visual.

This is the one time you do not want to take a page out of the Liz Lemon playbook.