Last night an enraged tipster emailed us the above photo, noting it was taken on the Manhattan bound L train during rush hour. What you can't see here is the self-important expressions on their faces, which we blurred out. But you can see that they're clearly violating Subway Law.

This laid back, relaxed, can't be bothered, bags on the seat move is used simply to deter people from even thinking about sitting next to them. It's the worst, least original, passive-aggressive way to hog a seat (at least try the "cough tactic" where you show signs of sickness as someone approaches the seat next to you—challenge yourself, be a little original!). So even if the train wasn't overflowing (though at least one person is seen standing) it's just a dick move. If you don't want to be near people on your way to pick up a hot new pair of capri trousers or whatever, then take a cab or ride a bike. Otherwise, make room for your fellow New Yorkers, maybe one of them can even lend you a pair of socks.

Still, all that said, coulda been worse.