Earlier this summer I had a (non-heat-induced) vision—for our Summer Sucks series, I was going to have a musician record a parody of "Summer Breeze," the classic Seals and Crofts hit, but with lyrics more befitting summer in NYC. The new song would be a dedication to the almighty Subway Breeze, the only relief we get underground during this wretched season. However, legal told me this was not allowed. Something about "rights."

Instead, I asked illustrator Matt Lubchansky to bring my lyrics to life, which they did perfectly. [Enhance your experience! Click play, skip to the chorus, and sing-a-long with the new lyrics.]





This is the Song of the Summer in NYC, every summer, even if it doesn't exist. Seals and Crofts, please get in touch if you would like to grant us permission to make this a reality.

This has been the latest installment of our NYC Summer Sucks series. Hit us up if you have any questions (use "Summer Sucks" in the subject line), or just want to commiserate. And please hashtag us in both your summer fashion photos and your summer misery photos with #NYCSummerSucks.