2005_07_donotconset.jpgIt was only a matter of time before the power of Cafe Press would be harnessed to express what many people are thinking! The Village Voice reported that shortly after the NYPD announced they would be checking subway - and bus - riders' bags randomly, Tony Lu created these t-shirts online. Lu, an immigrants rights activist, is concerned that immigrants and other poor New Yorkers are most vulnerable to the NYPD's tactics, even though the police claim they will not be racially profiling. (The Voice adds, "Lu will not get a cut. The shirts' manufacture, sale, and shipment, will be handled by the online retailer. Lu encourages budget-conscious New Yorkers to make their own and wear them everywhere.")

There's just one thing missing from the shirt: Words on the back reading "I'm going to the next station entrance, sucker."