Photo by Wenceslao Moreno

The New York State tourism "Get Outta Town" and "Come See The Comeback" campaigns are recommending you use Metro North Railroad, the Long Island Rail Road, and the subway and bus system to check out "New York State's great places," as well as "visit destinations ravaged last year by Superstorm Sandy" last year. Which is great! You should do both of those things. But it looks like the campaigns got crossed, and this ad spotted on the M train by a reader this morning is recommending you "Get Outta Town" and head to... Coney Island.

Don't be alarmed, Coney Island did not secretly secede from New York City, and is still most definitely in town, even if it can be a bit of a hike for many New Yorkers. But perhaps the New York State tourism board needs to improve how they target this ad campaign (which, incidentally, we're paying for).