Damn, Daddy! David Letterman, your sweeps stunt of taping a show at 4AM is such a bad idea, it almost is a good one! And by bad, we mean cool. What? There are plans for a show to be taped at 4AM on Friday, May 14 - that's the time between Thursday and Friday (not Friday and Saturday, as we were apt to confuse) - and then will air 19 hours and 35 minutes later. Late Show producer Rob Burnett says, "Things seem funnier when you're really, really tired." We can imagine Dave being gloriously cranky - and the studio will be colder than the ice box is usually is, to keep people up. Is there a coffee tie-in for the episode?

Gothamist wonders how many of the audience members will be hookers from Way West Midtown, runaways, lost tourists or die-hards in pajamas. Click here to fill out CBS's online ticket form.