A new exhibit opened in Queens yesterday, putting various visions of the city's beaches on display. "Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City’s Forgotten Waterfront" features work from various artists, photographers, and historical archives. The exhibit's curator, Elizabeth Albert, has sent us along a selection of the works, the coming together of which is based on understanding the city's relationship with its water environs, and the evolution of that relationship.

"A recent renewal of interest in New York City’s geographical and topographic history and an increasing focus on its waterfront has inspired 'Silent Beaches, Untold Stories: New York City’s Forgotten Waterfront,' an interdisciplinary exhibition exploring waterfront areas that are remote, neglected, or little known to the general public and which have experienced long and sometimes tumultuous relationships with New York City’s changing needs. The exhibition will be a result of an investigation into what these remote waterfront areas reveal about New York City’s past and present environment, industry, and culture as experienced through a selection of historical and contemporary photographs, maps, documents, artifacts, prints, drawings, film, and interactive displays."

Click through for a preview, which features North Brother Island, Dead Horse Bay, the Rockaways, and a car in the Gowanus, naturally.

The exhibit will be on view through November 9th at the Dr. M. T. Geoffrey Yeh Art Gallery/Sun Yat Sen Hall, St. John’s University, 8000 Utopia Parkway, Queens.