The Observer points out a new program coming to Showtime -- turns out the network has a New York-based series in the works called Studio. "The show is less about the history of Studio 54 than it is about New York in the late '70s, what people were going through, the political and social issues. Studio 54 is the backdrop for exploring that." While a Steve Rubell character is planned for the cast, "the rest of the characters fictional or composites," and the plot won't be based on actual don't expect to see Bianca Jagger ride in on a horse.

Hairspray producers Craig Zadan and Neil Meron are attached to work on the project and told the Hollywood Reporter, "It really was a time that has never been seen again. Socially, politically, everything about it was unique. It was the last hurrah before the era of AIDS."

Here are some of the more iconic images from the hay day of Studio 54 that you won't be seeing on Showtime. And check out some more photos here.